Zooqle Proxy Sites List For June 2023

Zooqle Proxy

Zooqle is a popular torrent site with major followers from different parts of the world. The site offers an impressive number of movies, games and software which is responsible for such fan following of zooqle. However, recently, it has been facing some significant downtimes and disappointing the customers.

The zooqle torrent site is not only famous for the number of torrents it offers but is also reputed for its interface and catalogue that allows easy surfing of the torrents. Moreover, what attracts customers the most about zooqle is the absence of popups and advertisements that irritates them while downloading their favourite torrent file.

Why Should You Use Zooqle?

Once you start using the zooqle.com torrent site, you will know about its benefits and understand why you must use the site for downloading your favourite torrent files. There are reasons to use the zooqle torrent engine for downloading content. Some of its uses are as follows:

  • No advertisements and popups.
  • Presence of a content catalogue.
  • Wide range of movies, tv series, games, music and software.
  • Has a large number of users from worldwide.

What is Zooqle Proxy?

The zooqle mirror sites and the proxies are the clones of the original zooqle website that hosts the entire library of contents available on the zooqle torrent site. Users can use the zooqle proxy without any hassle for downloading any content which is available on zooqle. The proxy sites have been launched as replicas of the original zooqle website, which is currently banned in several countries. Therefore, you can use the zooqle proxy websites without any hassle for downloading anything of your choice.

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How Does Zooqle Proxy Work?

The zooqle proxy is a clone of the original zooqle site that works by establishing a connection between the original Torrent site and the user. These torrent sites bypass the connection of the internet service providers in the respective regions. They almost act like VPNs and hide the original IP address of the users to provide the actual contents of Zooqle. So, you can always visit the proxy of the zooqle torrent site and download content from there for free.

Proxies and Mirrors of Zooqle

With the zooqle proxy sites, you can download the original zooqle torrent content with ease. You only need to check out the proxy site and search for the content. The zooqle proxies have a user-friendly interface and an exciting category that can simplify content search. Therefore, search from the proxies of zooqle in the list below and download your favourite torrent for free.

Why is Zooqle Not Working?

Zooqle is not working because the original zooqle site has been banned by the respective Internet service providers of the countries and their governments. Since zooqle, like all other torrent websites, violated the copyright rules was banned. Therefore, users living in countries where zooqle is banned cannot download the site for downloading content. Instead, they can use the available zooqle proxies for downloading the original zooqle website contents.

How to Access or Unblock Zooqle in Your Country When it’s Down?

Accessing zooqle in the regions where it is banned is not something challenging. For access to zooqle unblocked, there are different steps that can help you unlock the original contents of zooqle. Some of those steps are as follows.

Changing the DNS Server

Changing the DNS of an IP address is the easiest way of accessing the blocked contents of zooqle. Once you change the DNS to a location where the site is unbanned, you can simply access the site without any hesitation.

Tor Browser

A Tor browser is a kind of browser that acts like a VPN only. The tor browser helps to bypass the [resent location of the user, hides the original IP address and connects to another location. Using the Tor browser, you can simply access the original contents of the Zooqle torrent website.


The best way of connecting to zooqle website is using a VPN server. You must connect to a VPN of your choice and connect to a location. Once connected, you can open the original zooqle torrent website. Once the zooqle website is open, you can simply download torrent files without hesitation.

Zooqle Alternative Websites

There are several alternatives to the zooqle website. All of them are listed below.

Pirate Bay

It is obvious for Pirate Bay to stay on the top of the zooqle alternatives list. It has the largest number of torrents from various categories. Be it older or newer, Pirate Bay can help you find the contents of your choice without any hassle. From movies, to video games to software and all others, Pirate Bay is the best alternative to zooqle. The best thing of zooqle is that you need no account for downloading any torrents from zooqle.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrent is another quality alternative to the site like zooqle. It has a multiple torrent files like TV shows, movies, software, games and all other content. Kickass torrent has a simple interface with a clean UI that makes surfing much simpler. If you need to download some quality content from an alternative to Zooqle, then you can visit the Kickass torrent website and download torrents of your choice.

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrent’s search engine is a neat and clean interface for customers where they can download anything they want. LimeTorrents is a professional zooqle alternative where users can find every type of content required. You can simply download content from Lime Torrents with a single click, and you won’t have to create an account to download torrents from Lime Torrents.


Although YTS is not the one where you can find a host of content, if you are willing to download some of the greatest movies from an alternative to zooqle, there is none better than YTS. On YTS, there is multiple movie content of your choice that is easily downloadable without hesitation. Moreover, YTS is also known for providing content to customers in HD quality which you can download on your device.


RARBG is another competitive name in the torrenting industry and is a popular alternative of zooqle. Although the site provided multiple torrents to the customers according to their demands, it will no longer be in action. RARBG was shut down a few days back, with the owners citing COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine as the major cause. But, it was a dominant name in the torrenting industry where you could find anything of your choice.

Zooqle Proxy Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is it safe to use Zooqle?

    Ans. No, like all other sites, Zooqle is also not safe to use because it might have viruses in them. Therefore, while you are using Zooqle, it is your responsibility to measure the safety of the site.

  2. How do I unblock Zooqle?

    Ans. There are different ways of unblocking the zooqle torrent website. Some of the methods for unblocking zooqle are:

    * DNS server.
    * VPN.
    * Using Tor Browser.

  3. How is Zooqle shut down?

    Ans. No, zooqle has not shut down entirely. The original website of zooqle has been banned in several countries. But there are some proxies that are still working correctly.

  4. How to use Zooqle without VPN?

    Ans. If you want to access zooqle without a VPN, you can use the proxy sites or mirror sites. Otherwise, you can also use the Tor Browser or the DNS changing method to access zooqle without a VPN.

  5. What is the best Alternative to Zooqle?

    Ans. The best alternative to zooqle is undoubtedly The Pirate Bay torrent site. But there are some other alternatives, too, that you can use for downloading content.

  6. Is Zooqle dead?

    Ans. No, zooqle is not dead. However, the original website of zooqle torrent site is banned and restricted in some countries.

  7. Is Zooqle down?

    Ans. Yes, the original zooqle website is down due to violating the copyright rules. However, you can access zooqle contents using the proxy sites.

  8. What happened to Zooqle?

    Ans. Zooqle has been banned in some countries. But the original website has still not been taken down by the owners. However, you can still use the proxy sites of zooqle.

  9. Is Zooqle safe?

    Ans. The safety of using zooqle is completely in your hands. The torrent site is safe to use as long as you can browse for the contents from zooqle without getting any virus.

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