YIFY Proxy List For May 2023

YIFY Proxy

Torrenting is an age-old adage, when it comes to file sharing. The tech was first developed in the early 2000s to facilitate peer-to-peer file transfer, in order to fasten the sharing process by uploading and downloading segments of a file, within a private network. As such, torrents remove the necessity of a central server to download content. Anyone can be a part of a torrent network using a torrent-based client and share files amongst themselves. And since the whole process is decentralized, there is no governing authority to answer to. YIFY was one such website that hosted such torrent files. Users browsing the website couldn’t download content directly to their computers, instead, they would have to go through a client and download parts of a file, which the client would later on compile into a single file.

What is YIFY Proxy?

YIFY or YTS was a popular torrenting website that hosted TV shows and movies for streaming and downloading. The website offered a user-friendly UI and quality content, which in turn kept on adding more and more users. Sadly, the website was brought into the limelight and authorities cracked down on it. And in a major copyright infringement issue was the deciding factor when it was finally closed in 2015. Despite that, there are still working YIFY IPs available on the internet, in the form of mirror websites or proxies.

A YIFY proxy, as the name suggests is the same site hosted on a different web address. When an ISP or organization blocks a website, it makes either the hosting server to delete the website or blocks users from accessing the IP address of said site. In such cases, those websites can work around by using a proxy. Meaning migrating all the original content to either a different server or making a copy of the website and hosting it on a different IP address. YIFY proxy is the same as it uses different IP addresses to keep the site working. The following article will shed light on the different aspects of a proxy website, namely YIFY proxy.

How Does YIFY Proxy Work?

YIFY proxy works on the basis of a private network. The website is hosted on one server, but it uses another to connect to the users. Doing so helps the website from the prying eyes of the authorities. Furthermore, the intermittent server acts as a decoy and any would be action would get directed to it instead. Thus, keeping the original website away from harm. The same works from the user end. When a user employs a proxy to connect to the YIFY website, he doesn’t send the communication request directly. Instead, he first connects to an intermediary and uses the intermittent server to pass along the communication to the official website. Hence, shielding itself from any persecution.

Benefits of Using YIFY Proxy

Being a torrent host, YIFY offered a slew of benefits to the users. Given below are a few obvious advantages associated with YIFY Proxy:

Free-to-use Service

YIFY is a free web service, and it doesn’t charge users a single cent. It maintains operational and hosting costs by using advertisements. Thus, a typical user doesn’t have to pay any subscription fee or monthly charges to avail the services of YIFY.

Private Sessions

Since we already know how a proxy works, we can rest assured that YIFY keeps our sessions hidden away from the prying eyes of intruders. Any personal information such as the user’s IP address or device model is not stored with the website. And since the website itself uses a proxy, even those who hail from a region that blocks YIFY can seamlessly access it.


Last but not the least, the website itself is easy to use and navigate thanks to the beginner level UI. Furthermore, torrenting also doesn’t require any specialized skill or technique, as everyone can get a hand of things within minutes.

YIFY Proxy List Sites 2023

Today most torrent proxy sites are either banned or in the process of being shut down. In its era, YIFY was at the top of the torrenting chain. However, it was then shut down due to copyright issues. But even today, users can access YIFY if they want to, albeit via a YIFY Proxy. These proxy sites for all intent and purposes the same as the original website, some even going as far as to expanding the library. Hence, the following list, which we have provided is a list of working YIFY proxies. And we intend on keeping this list active in the near future with the necessary additions and removals.

How To Download Torrent Files from YIFY Proxy?

Now let us come to the most important aspect of the article, and that is, how to download a torrent file from YIFY proxy.

  • First, we have to understand that the website itself doesn’t hold any content, but only torrents.
  • Thus, the user has to download the .tor files accordingly.
  • Then, he has to use a torrent-based client that will not only help the user connect to a private torrent network, but also help compile the file segments when downloaded.
  • After that, he has to use the client and load the torrent file.
  • Now the file will start downloading based on the peers available in the network.
  • Once the file finishes downloading, the client will automatically compile and convert the file for generic use.

YIFY Proxy Sites Not Working? – What to do?

In case you find a YIFY proxy not working, you can either switch to a different website or try the following remedies:

Switch to a Different ISP

First you can try to change your ISP. Some ISP (Internet Service Provider) actively block users from accessing torrent website. They have a database where they have blacklisted such IP addresses. Thus, when a user tries to connect to such website, it shows a connection error. In such cases, you can always change to a different ISP who doesn’t block your access.

Change DNS Settings

A DNS or the Domain Name System translates the web domain names we are familiar with such as YIFY.com to valid IP addresses. But such databases can be controlled to block certain IPs. If you are encountering any trouble with the YIFY proxy try changing your DNS to a public server.

Use a VPN

Finally, the user can employ a VPN to bypass any blocks. A VPN is a that that actively changes your IP address and grants access to blocked websites.

Change Your Network Settings

Sometimes the issue might be with your hardware or your connection. If you have multiple connections, try switching to a different network. Or you can also switch to a wired network to avoid data loss.

Use a Seedbox

A Seedbox is an isolated virtual entity that operates separately from a communication network. You can always use a Seedbox to download torrent files and even if they are malicious, they won’t be able to hard your system. And if they aren’t then you can transfer those files from the Seedbox to your PC.

YIFY Proxy Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is YIFY proxy still active?

    Ans. Some YIFY proxies are still active and working.

  2. What has happened to YIFY?

    Ans. The original YIFY was embroiled in copyright infringement issues and was finally closed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2015. However, even today there are multiple proxies and mirrors of YIFY available on the internet.

  3. What is the best YIFY proxy site?

    Ans. ytsge.com is a working YIFY proxy.

  4. What is better than YIFY proxy?

    Ans. There are several YIFY alternatives available on the internet such as 1337x, RARBG, and The Pirate Bay.

  5. Is it legal to download movies from YIFY proxy?

    Ans. If the downloading content is subject to copyright and not available in open-source then yes, it is illegal.

  6. Is YIFY proxy Down?

    Ans. No, YIFY proxy is up and running.

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