Torrentz2 Proxy List For May 2023

Torrentz2 Proxy

Torrentz2 was once a popular website among the torrent lovers. They could see the torrent content on this website. But it was removed by Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) as it came under the law for violation of copyright of the digital data. And that’s where Torrentz2 Proxy came to play its role. As it’s already known that the proxy is nothing but the mirror sites and looks exactly the same as the original website. Likewise, Torrentz2 Proxy is the duplicate site which looks exactly like the Torrentz2 website and contains all the torrent data of the site.

What is Torrentz2 Proxy?

Torrentz2 website ruled over the internet for about 13 years before its ban by DMCA for copyright law breaching. The website was used to contain the torrent contents like music, movies, games, application software, pdfs and many more. It was a gem for the torrent data lovers. But, after its ban, the torrent lovers found the lost content on the Torrentz2 Proxy. The proxy is nothing but the duplicate sites which contain the content of torrent browsers. The user can use the proxy sites in all the countries in which the Torrentz2 site is not available.

How Does a Torrentz2 proxy Work?

The proxy sites just act as the interface between your system and these torrent websites. You won’t even realize but after connecting to the Torrentz2 Proxy sites, you as a user are treated as anonymous. The reason being the traffic generated by your internet service moves to some additional server before reaching the desired torrent content. It also helps in hiding the system’s IP address and this is how the actual website the user is reaching will never know the IP address and thus maintaining the covering the identification.

Benefits of Using Torrentz2 Proxy

  • The main benefit that the user can enjoy while using the Torrentz2 Proxy is that having loats of torrent data from the original torrent site which is banned due to copyright act violation.
  • Other than that, the proxy sites help the user in hiding your identity by changing your system’s IP address and make it hard to be tracked.
  • It also aids the user to unblock torrentz2 sites and use their contents.
  • There are various advantages that the torrent consumer can take but having access to the torrent data is one of the main.

How Do I Use the Torrentz2 EU Proxy Site?

Just like the Torrentz2 Proxy website, the torrentz2 EU proxy is the search engine for all the torrent data. They are the precise copy of the torrent websites and have all the functions that the user performs usually on the torrent sites only. The domain name and the server’s name of the torrentz2 EU proxy is different but the content that it contains is same to same. It will for sure give the user that they are on the real torrent search browser because of these mirror sites. To use the torrentz2 EU proxy, all you must do is that you need to just click on the proxy site and search the torrent file that you want to browse.

How to Access Torrentz2 New Site/Domain?

Whenever any type of site is blocked by ISPs or DMCA, then there’s a way to access the content of such websites via VPN or Virtual Private Network. The VPN uses an interface between the user’s system and the torrent website and encrypts all the data contained in the original torrent website and moves it to the proxy site of that torrent browser. If in case, you find it difficult to access the proxy sites, then you can simply use the VPN. To use the VPN is very easy, you must just install any VPN in your system and connect it. Then after that, browse the proxy website and post that browse the torrent item you desire to view.

Torrent2 Proxy Sites List

We have searched for you the best and valid torrentz2 proxy list after precisely checking and validating them. They are the latest proxy sites, and we will update them on a continuous basis. Torrentz2 proxy of all websites are easy to use, and you can just simply click on them and directly browse whatever torrent item you wish to view. Here goes the list of some of the best torrentz2 proxy:

Why is Torrent2 Proxy Not Working?

  • The main reason for these sites to not work is that the government agencies like ISPs might have put it under the banned list.
  • The torrentz proxy sites are the small-time benefits as these sites are associated with the torrentz2 website so it becomes obvious to get dissolved by the government.
  • These sites contain the pirated copies of the torrent files and that is why these have become illegal in some countries.

But not to worry there’s a solution available for the same.

  • Even after getting blocked, these torrent sites are still in working but with another domain name. You’ll find those sites in this article only.
  • You can also use the proxy sites which again is the topic of legality but atleast is safe and secure to use.
  • The user can use the VPN to access such torrent websites in which their geo-location is hidden. Their original IP address is changed with some other IP address to make it difficult from getting traced.


We really hope that this article wonders for the torrent data users, and they understand the need of using the torrentz proxy or any other mirror sites. We’ve also listed several torrentz eu proxy and other proxy sites as well. And we assure that we’ll update them on a regular basis so that our customer remains up-to-date and enjoys using the torrent data without any hassle. It is advisable to browse the sites only from the valid and trustable resources, otherwise you can fall under the risk of getting barred or even banned. The user must know all the dangers concerned while using such torrent sites or even the mirror sites.

Torrentz2 Proxy Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is torrentz2 proxy legal?

    Ans. In many countries, using the proxy sites to view the copyright material is not illegal. Although it is arguable to comment on its legality but using the proxy, and changing the IP address to some country in which it’s not illegal makes it legal to use. But the users should be thoughtful of the risks involved in using such websites. They should take all the precautions while using the torrentz eu proxy site to remain on the safe page.

  2. Is torrentz2 proxy safe?

    Ans. Yes, using the site cautiously, the torrentz2 proxy site is safe to use. One should be aware of all the consequences involved in it while using them. Even though using a proxy will hide your system’s original IP address and give it another one so that it becomes hard to be traced, but still it is better to be safe than getting caught and blocked from using the sites.

  3. Is it illegal to download movies from torrentz2 proxy?

    Ans. Using torrent sites was illegal due to violation of the copyright laws and due to which they are banned in some of the countries. And that’s why the torrent proxy comes in to play its part. It is safe to use them to browse the torrent material only if taken notes of all the dangers and risks concerned and using the sites from reliable and valid resources is a must. Applying these methods will be safe and legal to download the movies or anything from the proxy sites.

    If not used vigilantly, then the user might be under risk of getting blocked or even banned by the sites from browsing due to trespassing of the copyright laws made by DMCA.

  4. How to download from torrentz2 using a proxy server?

    Ans. The torrentz2 proxy is a duplicate site of the meta search engine for the torrent material such as the games, music, movies, software and applications, pdfs and many more.

    * To download data from the proxy website, you need to justz go to the search bar of these proxy sites and search for the torrent file.
    * The list of the torrent material that you’ve searched for will be displayed.
    * Then right click on the torrent material, click on the download option.
    * And then you can find the torrent file in your system.

  5. How to use proxy for torrentz2?

    Ans. In case if the torrent website is not opening for you or is not available in your country, then you can use the proxy in place of the original site. As discussed, several times above that proxy is nothing but the mirror sites containing torrent data. So, to use them you just need to open any proxy site and browse any torrent material you want to. There are many torrent sites on the internet which have a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient to use and everything is served on a plate. In the search box, search for the torrent site and there you go to the page of torrent data.

  6. How to download from torrentz2 using a proxy server for free?

    Ans. There are loads of torrentz2 proxy available on the internet but not all of them are valid. Some of them are just fraud and clickbait and some of them ask to pay to browse the torrent data. But in this article, all the torrent proxy sites that we’ve listed are free to use and will be updated on the regular basis.

    * The method for downloading from the torrentz2 proxy site for free is same as for the regular proxy site.
    * First of all, search for a torrent site that we’ve provided on a web browser.
    * Then a new page of the torrent site appears and then search for the torrent data you wish to watch.
    * In the list of torrent data, click on the right button on the item to download. The download option will appear and then click on it.
    * And then you can have your torrent data.

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