Torrenthound Proxy List For May 2023

Torrenthound Proxy

A torrent is a type of file that gets created for sharing amongst peers. Torrent comes from torrenting which is the process of sharing files in small segments and not at once. Normally, when a user downloads a file from the internet, he is actually getting the data from a single source. But torrenting allows the user to download segments of the same data from multiple sources making the process faster. SO the basic concept to mind during torrenting is the amount of peers transferring the file to the user. TorrentHound is a digital library of sorts that tracks the available torrent amongst different users, allowing the person to initiate downloading. The following article will highlight facts about torrent hound and make available the things one should know.

What is TorrentHound?

As we said in the beginning, a torrent is a file shared through a decentralized P2P network. Due to its nature, the network allows a user to get the file, in segments, from multiple holders without them uploading the file to a server. TorrentHound is simply a website hosting such torrents where a user can browse and keep track of the metadata o facilitate file sharing. Like every other torrent website, torrentHound also operates on the BitTorrent protocol to facilitate P2P sharing.

How Does it Work?

Normally, a website stores its resources on a server. And anyone trying to access them has to visit the server. Now, this process is automatic, and a user has no control over it. Hence, there are instances when a downloading fails if the server is available. Also, the downloading speed depends on the server bandwidth, meaning how much traffic it can handle, and latency, the distance from the user. So imagine three users downloading a 2 GB file when the users are located in India and the server is in America with a bandwidth of only 5 GB. All of them will suffer from poor sped due to bandwidth and latency limitation. However, it is not the case in torrenting.

Torrent files are not located on a central server. Rather they are shared amongst different devices (Peers). Thus, a user can access a torrent P2P server/network and get his file in segments from different locations at once, making the speed much faster. The whole process works on a communication protocol like BitTorrent, where participating devices (Peers) store the files and are connected to each other in a network (Swarm) to initiate file sharing. Then, the communication protocol takes bits of the data from different uploaders (Seeders) and sends them to downloaders (Leechers), using an end-user client software.

What is a TorrentHound Proxy?

A proxy is a server that acts as a gateway between a user and the internet. When using a proxy, the real IP address gets hidden. Hence, the user accessing the internet can remain safe hidden behind a proxy. Now, a proxy works in both ways. Meaning, it works for both the user and the web host. Sometimes, a website get scrutinized for many reasons. If the website owner wants to keep the website online, they utilize a proxy to host the website with different IP addresses.

Working TorrentHound Proxy List

Working with TorrentHound proxy is not that difficult. Although one has to know the current live websites to proceed further. There are many proxies available on the internet but how many of them are currently working? That’s why we have created this list to inform our users regarding the current active TorrentHound proxies. Furthermore, this list is also subject to changes depending on the situation. Some websites might be added as new proxies emerge and some old ones would be deleted. Especially those no longer working.

How Does a TorrentHound Proxy Work?

A proxy works by hiding the real IP address of the incoming connection. Meaning, when a user initiates an internet connection, the data first travels to a proxy and then the proxy connects to the real target. Hence, anyone observing the traffic can only find the IP address of the proxy hiding the real user.

Why is TorrentHound Blocked?

Torrenting, although legal, is frowned upon in many countries due to its misuse. Thus, when sites like torrentHound hosts pirated torrents or illegal torrents, they get blocked by the administration as a countermeasure. As such, the reason behind torrentHound block was multiple complaints from various institutes.

How to Unblock or Access TorrentHound?

Method 1: Change DNS

The first method to bypass a website block is by changing your device’s DNS. A Domain Name Server is crucial during initiating a web request as it translates IP addresses to website names. Every ISP has its own DNS that can control access to a website. When an ISP blocks a website, it blocks the IP Address within its DNS. Thus, by changing the DNS, you can fool your ISP and access blocked websites.

Method 2: Use VPN

The most popular method to bypass a web block is using a VPN. A virtual private network creates a tunnel between the user and the target website. When the user initiates a web connection, the request first reaches the VPN server, and then the server, in place of the user requests access to the website. Now, if your ISP or government is blocking the website, they would only block the IP address of the website in question and not the VPN server. Hence, the ISP will only see traffic coming and going to the VPN server, and the user can stay safe hidden behind the VPN server and access the website remotely.

Method 3: Use Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions can work as proxy. Hence, they are able to mask your real IP address. Thus, your ISP will only see the traffic going to the extension and the extension or proxy will then contact the website on your behalf and transfer the data back to you using its IP.

How to Download From TorrentHound?

Downloading a torrent is easy. However, to execute the downloaded torrent file, users need a client software that can use the .tor file to download the required content. There are many clients available on the internet. Remember websites like torrentHound are only a library of sorts that keep track of the available torrents. They can’t be used to directly download the content but only the .tor file.

Users can follow this simple guide to download any torrents from TorrentHound proxy.

  • First, the user should invest in a VPN. A VPN is a software that can aid your online security. Hence, it is paramount that you use one.
  • Then connect to said VPN and go to one of the TorrentHound proxies.
  • Select what you want to download and click on the link.
  • Then download the torrent (.tor) file.
  • After that, boot up your BitTorrent client and load the .tor file.
  • It will then find leechers and seeders for the file in question.
  • Once a connection is established, the client will initiate the download.

Remember – A BitTorrent client is crucial to download torrents.

TorrentHound Alternative Website To Check

Given below are some torrenting websites that are still working, especially alternatives to TorrentHound:

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay has been at the core of the torrenting community. It is only seldom that a user can’t find the thing he is looking for. As such, Pirate Bay boasts of an extensive library that can put any other torrent host to shame. Furthermore, that site is still operating despite several attempts from authorities to shut it down.


This is yet another active torrent website that is a good alternative to TorrentHound. While 1337x may not look much, it has the necessary library collection that can speak volumes about the site. Rich with movies, tv shows, anime, games and other software, the site is arguably one of the leading torrent hosts today.

Kickass Torrents

KickAss is not a name one might forget so soon, even when the site was closed by the authorities. As one of the most infamous torrenting website in history, KickAss Torrents was prone to controversies. And while it has many proxies active on the internet, it saddens us to see most of them are a potful of adware. If you can come across a genuine KickAss proxy then good, otherwise its best to pick any other website on this list.


YTS or YIFY as it is more commonly known, is yet another torrenting marvel. Although the website has officially ceased operations, we can still see numerous YTS proxies on the net. YTS was famous for staying under the radar. And so does its proxies. Thus, a quality YTS proxy might solve most of your torrenting needs.


The last name on our list is ExtraTorrents, yet another gem if one can get a hold of a genuine proxy. The site is famous for being less resource intrusive and offers a wide selection of content to choose from.

TorrentHound Proxy Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is torrentHound safe?

    Ans. Normally, torrenting is considered safe, only if the user knows what he is downloading. Any file from a dubious source can be harmful and can contain malware. Hackers often choose popular torrents to plant malware.

  2. Is torrentHound legal?

    Ans. Yes, the act of torrenting itself is not a problem, but the content can be if protected under copyright laws. Torrent is just a medium and it depends on a user how to utilize it. If done for the wrong purposes, only then can be it deemed illegal. Thus, as long torrentHound doesn’t host illegal content, the website will be legal.

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