TorrentGalaxy Proxy Sites List For June 2023

TorrentGalaxy Proxy

aTorrenting is nothing new for the average internet user. And even if you have never once used this file sharing protocol, it still stands to reason that you must have at least heard of it. Yeah, there was a time, before streaming platforms were the norm, when torrents were popular. It was mostly due to their ability to share copyright content illegally. And that too way faster than hosting the same content and then downloading it from a server. However, with growing vested interest into web services, especially entertainment providing platforms, strict actions were taken to curb illegal torrenting. But nothing on the internet is truly failsafe. Hence, torrenting is still going on via proxy websites. And the latest addition to this ever-growing list is the TorrentGalaxy proxy that is home to the latest TV shows and movies from around the globe.

What is TorrentGalaxy Proxy?

TorrentGalaxy proxy is a torrent hosting site that offers TV shows, movies, music, software and games for sharing among users in the same torrenting network using the peer to peer file transfer protocol. The site itself is easier to navigate with separate sections for different content, but it also allegedly holds illegal copyright materials. Which is the primary cause behind its shutdown. However, the site is still in operation via different proxies hosted on various servers and by using mirror websites.

Generally when a website is blocked, the ISP or the authorities block user’s access to the said site by blacklisting the registered IP address. Any ISP will block the IP address in their DNS server. Thus, when a user tries to connect to the website the DNS lookup comes back as an error. The website can always work around it by using different proxies. Meaning, they can use different front that the user can connect to using the IP address and the front website in question can rally the request to and fro from the original website. Another efficient method is to copy all the content of the website to numerous different websites with altering IP addresses.

TorrentGalaxy Proxy List For June 2023

Although there are measures in place to prevent torrenting websites from gaining momentum, TorrentGalaxy proxy is not the one to scoff at. The original website was already down when numerous TorrentGalaxy proxies sprang into action to fulfil the need for torrents. Hence, we have included, in this article a list of working TorrentGalaxy proxy websites. And fret not, as the list is dynamic, and we promise to keep on updating it over time by either removing dead links or adding new working ones.

Note: This website does not promote piracy. We respect an individual’s or an organization’s right to intellectual property. The website doesn’t associate with any illegal torrenting activity.

How Does TorrentGalaxy Proxy Work?

As we already know, a proxy is a stand in between the user and the target website. A typical internet communication is a multistep process. First the user enters the web address into the browser. The browser then looks up the address in the DNS server and matches it to a corresponding IP address. Then the browser sends a communication request to the IP and waits for the result in order to establish connection. Once it receives a positive reply, depending on the condition of the web host, users can access the site on their browsers.

A proxy is simply a go-to third party in between these two relay points. Hence, the user first connects to the proxy and the proxy in turn connects to the original website on behalf of the user. It communicates and gets the results from the original IP and forwards the reply to the user. By adopting such a round about way to establishing connection is rudimentary when bypassing IP blocks or ensuring web privacy.

How To Unblock TorrentGalaxy When it’s Down?

There are times when a proxy might not work or the website itself can be down. However, can the user be sure if it’s only a technical glitch and not an attempt at blocking access? Thus, we have included a few methods that can aid users into unblocking the TorrentGalaxy proxy, if needed.

Try a Different Proxy Website

There is no absence of TorrentGalaxy proxies over the internet. Even if one of them is not working, the user can always try a different IP address. It is impractical to trace all working proxies of a website and block them.

Reset Your Connection

Sometimes the technical issue can be at the user end. If you are on a wireless connection try turning your router on and off. Or you can switch to a completely new network, if possible. Alternatively you can also give wired connection a try.

Change your ISP

ISP or the Internet Service Provider is the one controlling your access to different websites. Sometimes an ISP can practice throttling to limit your internet usage. Suppose you use torrent frequently. Thus, a majority of your net traffic will show the same. In order to save on data, the ISP can throttle (limit) your speed when connecting to the torrent website. Alternatively the ISP can also block you from accessing any website in accordance to the law. Hence, switching carriers can be a solution.

Modify Your DNS Server

The DNS plays an integral part in the internet communication process. It translates IP addresses into web addresses and vice versa. Suppose your ISP blocks it’s DNS from translating an IP address (which is how IP blocks work) you can no longer visit said website. Thus, you can switch to a public DNS, say Google DNS (8:8:8:8 – 8:8:4:4) where there is no such blocks.

Try a VPN

Ultimately you can always use a VPN to bypass most geographical and IP blocks on the internet. The VPN not only hides your original IP address behind a remote server, but it also communicates with the target website on your behalf. If anyone is looking he can only see your traffic going to and coming back from an unassuming server. Similarly, anyone monitoring the website can’t track you as it will only see the IP address of the server. Furthermore, any good VPN offers encryption which ensures any communication to be scrambled. Thus, anyone without the decryption key won’t be able to tell what you are doing online.

Countries List Where TorrentGalaxy is Blocked

Although torrenting in itself is not deemed illegal, there are many countries wo frown upon the possibility of active torrent websites. Because, it ha been observed that mainstream torrenting websites are more inclined to engage in trading copyright material blatantly. Hence, governments around the globe has been strict with their action as they have declared such torrent websites, like TorrentGalaxy, harmful and have blocked them. A few countries that have done so are listed below:

  • USA
  • UK
  • China
  • Russia
  • India
  • UAE
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Canada

It is much more practical to learn where torrenting is still legal in 2023. Only 4 countries in the world still tolerate torrenting. And these are:

  • Mexico
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

How to Download from TorrentGalaxy Proxy

If you want to download a file from a torrenting website, it is best that to pay extra attention to your online security and privacy. Having said this, it is actually pretty simple to download a file from TorrentGalaxy proxy. The steps are as shown here:

  • First, it is highly advised to employ a VPN before even attempting to visit a torrenting website.
    • Although there are numerous VPNs in the market, choose one that specifically focuses on torrents as such VPNs have exclusive servers to speed up torrenting traffic.
  • After connecting to a VPN server, visit the TorrentGalaxy proxy.
  • Then choose a file and click on it.
  • Now the user has two options:
    • Either download the .tor file from the website
    • Or use the magnet link to fetch the file with a BitTorrent client.
  • No matter what users will need a BitTorrent software. Torrent files have a special format that can only be read and processed by specific user-software.
  • So boot up the BitTorrent client and load the .tor file. In case of magnet links, the process will begin automatically when enough leechers and seeders join the torrent network
  • Thus, the actual download will happen on the BitTorrent client.

TorrentGalaxy Proxy Sites Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is TorrentGalaxy safe?

    Answer: No, TorrentGalaxy has been recognized as a piracy promoting website. As such, it is sufficient to say any unchecked association with the website can be deemed unsafe.

  2. Is TorrentGalaxy legal?

    Answer: No, TorrentGalaxy is a piracy website hosting copyright content. While we can say the act or torrenting in and of itself is legal. However, as soon as the person uses torrents for any illegal downloads, he becomes susceptible to the law.

  3. Is TorrentGalaxy Proxy Website worth using?

    Answer: If you are a fan of torrents and want to download stuff quicker and much easier, you can give TorrentGalaxy a try.

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