Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are relevant to our website Onlinedrizzle.com and its visitors when they access it. If you are not compliant to these rules and regulations, we request you to stop using our website.

For the remainder of the notice, the following terminology will apply: “You”, “Your”, and “User” refers to you, the person accessing the website who promises to be compliant to our terms and conditions. “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and “Ours” refer to the website and its owners. All these terms and conditions are subject to legal implication in accordance to the Indian law.

Intellectual Property

The information and any other content specified or stated on our website is our sole property, unless stated otherwise. Any and all such licenses, if there are, are owned by the website onlinedrizzle.com and its owners. All other rights, including intellectual ownership rights are reserved with the website. Although you may access the website for personal and general use, any commercial renditioning will be met with the full extent of the law.

As such, you must not:

  • Republish any material from onlinedrizzle for commercial use or profit generation
  • Sell, rent or sublicense any content
  • Re-distribute, reproduce, duplicate or copy content from onlinedrizzle.com

The agreement will be in effect from the day it is posted.

Re-distribution of Our Content

WE do allow some redistribution of our website content under specific conditions, Furthermore, we allow certain organizations to link our content or use it in part or wholly. These agencies are as follows:

  • Government organizations
  • Search engines
  • News agencies
  • Non-profit organizations

Other online directories may hyperlink to our content only if the link is not deceptive in nature, it does not falsely imply or promises any sponsorship, endorsement or approval, and it has to fit within the context of the linking party’s website.

The link will be approved only if certain conditions are met, such as:

  • The link should not make us look bad, unfavorable, or unfriendly to our businesses
  • The linking organization shouldn’t have any bad records, or experience or malicious intent towards us
  • The link should be visible in case of the absence of our website
  • The link should only be used in general context and should specify itself as such.

If you are interested in linking to our website you should contact us via email and include your name, your organization’s name, website, and your contact information. However, you might have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks for an appropriate response.

Those who are approved may link to our website using the following methods:

  • By using our corporate/website name
  • By using the Uniform Resource locator
  • By using other description of our website that makes sense within the context and or frame of the linking party’s website

Content Liability

We will not be responsible or held liable for any content, no matter the source, if it appears on your website. You are the sole responsible for protecting and defending us from any such claims that rises on your website. You also have to promise that no links that appear on your website regarding our content, will be liable, criminal or illegal. Such links should also never infringe upon others, violate the rights of anyone, or even proposes or advocates such infringement or violation of third party rights.

Under no circumstances will the offices or owners of onlinedrizzle.com will be held liable, directly or an indirect party to any litigation that arises from your use of our website.


As a consumer, you are entitled to your privacy. As such, we have a privacy policy in place to ensure your rights. For more information regarding your privacy kindly refer to our privacy policy page.

Reservation of Rights

We solely reserve the right to refuse any hyperlinks and services at our discretion. At the same time you promise to respond to any such request and immediately delete and or stop hyperlinking to our websites.

Removal of links

If found malicious, illegal, or in any way objectionable, you can request that we delete or take down any content or link which, upon further investigation that can take up to 3 weeks, will be met accordingly. And though we do promise any content on our website to be accurate to the best of our judgment, we offer no warranties regarding such claims.


You indemnify onlinedrizzle.com to the fullest extent against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, cause of action and damage expenses, during a breach of these terms and conditions originating from your side.

Revision of Terms

We at onlinedrizzle.com reserves the sole right to these terms and conditions and any revisions to be made. Such revisions can be done as seen fit by the website, without prior notice to anyone. But we will post such revisions here, as they will take effect upon posting, and interested parties have to heed this page regularly in order to be aware of any changes. Any material revision, that might affect any ongoing engagements will warrant a notice, which we will provide with at least 30 days buffer period.