Tamilblasters Proxy Sites List June 2023

Tamilblasters Proxy

The first thing to note regarding Tamilblasters is that it is a content hosting platform. Unlike other torrent websites, it hosts direct links to TV shows, movies, and music which get shared amongst different 3rd party servers. And while we can find English content on the website, it is primarily centered on Asian materials or, rather, the Indian subcontinent. India itself is a pretty diverse nation, and so there are film productions in different languages such as Bhojpuri, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, and Hindi, all of which are available on the website. But Tamilblasters, being a piracy website, is subject to grand scrutiny, and thus it uses many proxies to stay ahead of blocks and bans. The following article will highlight the salient points regarding Tamilblasters Proxy.

What is Tamilblasters Proxy?

Tamilblasters proxy is a content sharing and downloading platform that hosts TV shows, music, and movies in several Indian regional languages, alongside some Asian countries and English content. However, most of these materials fall under copyright protection. As such, downloading or sharing them is strictly illegal and liable.

But simply being tortuous won’t stop people from visiting the website. That presents yet another danger not only to the website management but also visitors. To curb these issues, Tamilblasters came out with proxies. These proxies are a front hosted on different servers from the original website and redirect traffic to the traffic without standing out. Some of these proxies might also be a simple clones or mirror for Tamilblasters. Anyway, the purpose of all these proxies, clones, and mirrors is to take minimal heat from the authorities as they are numerous; it won’t be easy to tackle every website and block it.

Tamilblasters Proxy List For June 2023

While there are numerous Tamilblasters websites out there, one has to ensure whether they are working or not. As a result of strict action against piracy and re-distribution of copyright materials, the original Tamilblasters website is no longer available. But there are enough clones to fulfill your movie needs.

The following list denotes some of the current Tamilblasters proxies that, at the time of writing this article, were working. However, who knows when any one of these links gets blocked? Hence, we will keep updating the list regularly by doing constant addition and removal of links as per the current situation.

Note: The following article is solely for information. We at Onlinedrizzle.com do not condo piracy, nor do we endorse the use of re-distributing copyright materials. We urge readers to exercise caution before visiting such websites.

How Does Tamilblasters Proxy Work?

A proxy website works by acting as a smoke screen. The original site remains securely hidden behind a proxy, and any communication with the original website gets done via the proxy. It is arranged in this manner to fool anyone watching the internet traffic. And it is for the safety of both user and the website management. As such, any actions warranted would get made for the proxy website and not the original one.

But other than proxies, Tamilblasters also offers clones and mirrors. These are essentially copies of the original website hosted on a different server. However, these websites are independent in nature, and they can make enough changes to the UI and content. The only merit of cloning is that it can attract traffic intended for the original website. But no one begrudges them as they are essentially acting as a shield.

How to Unblock Tamilblasters?

Now, what to do if you find yourself blocked from accessing Tamilblasters proxy? Well, there are a few solutions that can solve this issue. Such as:

Try a Different Tamilblasters Proxy Website

Simple, isn’t it? All your worries can be solved easily by just switching to a different proxy, arguably one that is active. Since there are a lot of proxies available for Tamilblasters, you don’t have to sweat a few blocked websites.

Change Your Network Connection

A faulty router can also be responsible for a broken connection. If you are able to, switch to a LAN network or try a different Wi-Fi connection. If the situation persists, try other methods from the list.

Employing a VPN

Then, we always have the option of a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network, as the name suggests, is a network that allows users to connect to the internet anonymously. When the user first initiates an internet communication, his encrypted data traffic goes to a remote VPN server. Then the server decrypts the data and initiates communication with the intended website. After dealing with the website and getting the result, the server encrypts the received data and sends it back to the user. During this whole process, no other party can spy on what you are doing as a VPN essentially tunnels your data from one location to another. And since no one can see your traffic, there is no way to block it.

Switch to a Public DNS

A DNS converts web addresses into IP addresses. The web browser is only capable of understanding the IP address. Hence, when someone blocks a particular address from the DNS, it essentially stops the browser from getting the IP address. And without an IP address, the browser can’t connect to the target website. Now why or who blocks these websites in DNS is not the question we will be answering as it is irrelevant. However, you must understand that most such DNS are private. Meaning someone has control over them. If you truly want no one interfering with your browsing, you can always rely on public DNS servers. One such popular public DNS is Google DNS. Simply go to your device’s settings and change the DNS IP to and respectively. Afterward, any web lookup your browser initiates would be done via the Google public DNS servers.

Employ a Seedbox

A Seedbox is a tech that was specially made for P2P file sharing. It is a high-bandwidth remote server that users can employ for uploading or downloading digital files. As it is a remote server, any traffic going or coming to the Seedbox won’t be directly linked to the user. Hence, the user can safely download the content to a Seedbox and later use the Seedbox to download the content to his local device. Or simply stream it remotely.

How to Download Movies From the Tamilblasters Proxy?

In order to download movies from Tamilblasters proxy, do the following:

  • Use our list of Tamilblasters Proxy to visit a working website.
  • Then, go to your desired content and click on it.
  • Now scroll down and click on the download link.
  • You will be redirected to a hosting website. Here you have to wait a few seconds before the link becomes active.
  • Then click on the link and wait for the download to start.

Note: We recommend using VPN and an Adblocker during the entire process for a seamless and secure experience.

What are the Categories Available on Tamilblasters Proxy?

  • Movies
    • Tamil Movies
    • Malayalam Movies
    • Telugu Movies
    • Hindi Movies
    • Kannada Movies
    • English Movies
  • Anime
  • Magazines
    • E-News Papers
    • E-Books
  • Softwares
  • Games
  • Application
  • Songs
  • Other

Best Alternative to Tamilblasters Proxy Websites

Here are a few websites that host similar content as Tamilblasters, take a look:

Tamilrockers Proxy

Tamil Rockers is a torrent index website from India that offers illegal, copyrighted, and pirated TV shows, movies, music, and so on, mostly from Asian countries. The site was pretty infamous as it used to publish content before its official release, which got it in hot waters with the legal system of India. As a result of the severe crack down, the original website was taken down, yet there are many proxies and clones available on the internet.

TamilMV Proxy

Like any other “self-respecting” torrent website, Tamil MV also started by re-distributing pirated and copyrighted material, and that too, straight from the source. However, it was brought down by the authorities and since then, it operates via clones and proxies. These sites are completely illegal and unsafe but offer Tollywood, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies for absolutely free. Other materials include TV shows, movies, and music in various regional languages in India and some from other Asian countries such as China, Thailand, and S. Korea.

Tamilyogi Proxy

While the original Tamilyogi IP has been taken down by the authorities, a quick Google search will reveal that there are literally hundreds of proxies and clones out there that carry the Tamilyogi name. And despite the government’s best efforts to take them down multiple times, they keep coming back by hosting the site on different servers.

9xmovies Proxy

Like Tamilblasters, 9xmovies hails from India and focuses primarily on Bollywood content. However, it isn’t so keen on regional stuff as the user will find Korean or Western materials instead. But it is a decent website that even offers unofficial dubbed versions of different movies and TV shows and that too in Hindi. Furthermore, the website has allowed users to download content in various formats and sizes as per their needs.

Tamilblasters Proxy Sites Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is Tamilblasters proxy safe?

    Answer: No, as an illegal content hosting website, Tamilblasters is a piracy website and thus unsafe.

  2. Is worth using Tamilblasters proxy?

    Answer: Yes, the website offers a unique collection of content from the Indian subcontinent.

  3. Why are there some Tamilblasters proxy sites not working?

    Answer: Due to anti-piracy laws and government crackdown, some Tamilblasters proxies might be banned.

  4. Are Tamilblasters proxy sites legal?

    Answer: No, these sites explicitly host illegal, copyrighted, and pirated content which is illegal.

  5. Are Tamilblasters proxy sites similar to the primary site?

    Answer: Yes, since they are only a proxy and in most cases clones of the original website.

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