Rarbg Proxy Sites List June 2023


When talking about torrents, one has to remember that the tech was initially intended for personal use amongst peers. The process of sharing files across a private, decentralized system itself is called torrenting. In this process, the user connects to a network and transfers the file, which then gets divided into tiny fragments. And other network users parse these segments and stitch them back into a readable file. And since the file isn’t coming from a single source, no one has any control over it. It makes the process so much more popular. Now coming to RARBG, it is a giant torrent library that hosts links to different torrent file-sharing networks that a user can connect to. And RARBG proxy is simply the various variants of the original website that one can use to access the original content.

What is RARBG?

RARBG has been one of the most sensational and remembered torrent sites for customers that provided original torrents to the users for users. The site always was a point of attraction for millions of worldwide users from around the world. But, due to the copyright strike issues, RARBG faced setbacks over the years. Yet, it had been offering endless torrent content to the customers and meeting the demands of the customers. But, the site came to a halt a few days back. It was entirely shut down and closed its operations due to war and disease causes.

History of RARBG

RARBG was a famous torrent site that provided the best torrents to customers. It provided all sorts of professional and insightful torrent links and peer-to-peer file sharing to the customers. The site also appeared in most of the famous torrent lists. However, due to the war crisis in Ukraine and the aftereffects of the horrible COVID pandemic, the site came to a halt a few days back. The owners of RARBG completely stopped the torrent site due to the inability to run the site. Therefore, users won’t be able to download content from RARBG now.

What is RARBG Proxy?

RARBG Proxy is a torrent library that offers TV shows, video games, Movies, software, e-books, music, etc., in torrent format. The user can browse the website and download a torrent file, which he can later use to download the original file contents using BitTorrent Client software.

But more importantly, as many must have already guessed, hosting and operating a torrent website can be challenging. There are not only government shutouts to look for but also actively try to go around ISP blocks. As such, the website admin rents out different servers and uses them as a proxy. Hence, most torrent websites, due to frequent crackdowns, offer different proxies for convenience, just like the RARBG proxy.

RARBG Proxy List For June 2023

All this brings us to the meat of the issue; that is, where exactly are these proxies, how can one find them or use them, and how to be sure whether they are even working or not? Good for you; it is where we come in, as we can understand the frustration of a dead link. A proxy is only as good as its life. Hence, the list, which we ensure readers, will be kept up-to-date by regular additions or removals based on the current and actual live RARBG proxies.

Note: While the following article extensively advocates and demonstrates the use of torrents, we explicitly do not condone any related illegal activities. We respect the original content creators and value copyright material. We do not sanction piracy and seriously urge the readers to employ their best judgment when using torrents. We at Onlinedrizzle.com, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, shall be held liable if the user disregards this warning.

How Does RARBG Proxy Work?

In order to understand how a Proxy works, first, we have to understand what it actually is. Proxy, the term itself, means in place of something. Hence, a RARBG Proxy is essentially a different website that is used in place of the original RARBG website. But then, users can raise questions such as how it is different. Yes, and that is the goal. The original RARBG and its proxy are one and the same. It’s simply the route taken by the user to reach the original website that is different.

Normally, when a user initiates a communication with a website, i.e. enter a web address and presses the Enter key, there are several tasks going in the background simultaneously. The web browser first confers with the DNS to find the correct IP address and then initiates a “handshake” with the target for authentication purposes. After that, it forwards a request for communication which, if the website is online and programmed to do so, accepts, and the user can now see the website on his screen and interact with it accordingly. Now a proxy simply adds a few more steps between this interaction as the initial handshake gets done to the proxy website, which, in turn, communicates with the original site, and any result achieved gets passed on to you from the proxy.


One of the world’s most prominent and largest torrents, RARBG, was shut down. The owners of the popular torrent have cited the reasons of the Ukraine war and the COVID pandemic. The torrent movie site specialises in providing the best torrent content to customers according to their demands. It had a good collection of the best torrents and content for the customers. But unfortunately, RARBG was shut down and is no longer available for customers.

Blocking and Censorship

Due to copyright infringement problems, the RARBG torrent site was banned in 2008 in different parts of the world. The facilities of this torrent site were stopped due to legal reasons. Moreover, the site was also inoperable for a very long time due to a statement from the BREIN. The site was also removed from the Google Search Results in 2017.

Name of the Country Where RARBG Blocked With Date

There are some countries list where RARBG was already blocked.

Countries Name Blocking Date
Saudi Arabia 2nd April 2014
United Kingdom 27th November 2014
Denmark 27th March 2015
Turkey 12th August 2015
Portugal 26th October 2015
Italy 6th March 2017
Australia 18th August 2017
Indonesia 10th October 2017
Finland 8th June 2018
Belgium 3rd January 2019
Ireland 18th January 2019
India 12th April 2019
Netherlands 31st March 2022
Greece 15th May 2019
Iran NA
China NA
Oman NA

RARBG Not Working – How to Make It Work?

There are times when a RARBG might not work. In such cases, there are a few things you can try to remedy it, namely:

Switch Up Your DNS Settings – A DNS translates web addresses into IP addresses a browser can recognize and use to communicate with a website. Now, if you cannot reach a RARBG proxy, chances are your DNS is failing to convert the web address into IP. It happens when you are using a private DNS server. You can go to your device settings and change the DNS to public. A public DNS server is not under direct control. Hence, there should be no blocks, allowing you to access what you need.

Employ a VPN Service – A VPN is a versatile tool for browsing the internet anonymously and securely. It acts as a shield between your ISP and your device. Any internet traffic first goes to a VPN server under secure encryption, and then the VPN uses those remote servers to act on your behalf and connect to the websites in question. Similarly, any results are first fed to the VPN server, which, once again, encrypts them and sends them back to your device. And during the entire communication process, no third party is privy to what you actually did on the internet. And if they can’t see your activities, they can’t block your access.

Change Your ISP – Your Internet Service Provider, at times, can censor what you do online. If it does so under government directives, there is little recourse available. However, if it is simply plain old data throttling, you can always switch to a different provider for a better overall experience.

How to Download Movies or TV Shows From RARBG Proxy?

While many might think it to be a chore, downloading files from RARBG proxy isn’t that hard or technical. All you have to do is:

  • First off, get yourself a VPN. Although torrenting in itself is not a crime, it is paramount that the user employs sufficient online security. For which a VPN is a staple.
  • Then launch the VPN and connect to a VPN server. Only then visit a RARBG proxy.
  • Now search the website for your desired content and click on the link.
  • On the next page, you can find a download torrent link. Click it and wait for the file to download.
  • Now, launch a BitTorrent Client. Remember, a PC can’t read a torrent file. For downloading the content you need a BitTorrent Client that can connect you to the right network and download file batches and finally combine those batches into a readable format.
  • Thus, load the downloaded torrent file in question and wait for the connection to establish.
  • After that all you have to do is wait for the actual file download.

Alternatives of RARBG Site

If you are finding the safest, best, and most trusted alternatives to RARBG, then you are at the right place. With the dominance of the torrent site worldwide, it has set high standards for its competitors. Therefore, the alternatives of RARBG must also have similar characteristics to suit the customers’ demands. Therefore, the best and safe alternatives to RARBG are as follows:

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been a staple of torrent websites. It is amongst one of the oldest and most proficient torrent libraries to exist. As such, there are not many items one can’t find on the website. However, as is the case, the website has to face severe actions and was shut down due to an anti-piracy wave. Still, the management kept the site going using various proxies and mirrors.

Website: https://thepiratebay.org/


1337x is another website to check. Although it offers a very simple UI, which is good as the website loads faster, the torrent library is as extensive as it can get. As such, 1337x stands to be a better alternative to RARBG, although it has to be said that 1337x doesn’t offer nearly as much content as the website in comparison.

Website: https://www.1337x.tw/

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrent is another familiar name on this list of alternate websites. However, it was amongst one of the torrent sites that were hit the hardest. The authorities even went as far as finding the various active proxies and taking them down. A few mirrors and proxies are still available in some corners of the internet. But we ought to warn you that Kickass Torrent was also infamous for adware, and that was true even for the original website.

Website: https://kickasstorrent.cr/


Limetorrents is a torrent indexing website that was taken down due to a copyright infringement case. Although it has a working proxy and the site is fairly up-to-date despite all that spotlight. The website hosts torrents for TV shows, music, video games, movies, software, and e-books.

Website: https://limetorrents.so/


Torrentz was an old school, amongst some of the earliest BitTorrent metasearch engines that started on 24th July 2003. It saw great traffic since its start and soon became one of the go-to torrent websites. However, it got shut down. Now, Torrentz2 is a clone of the original website, which is, under no condition, affiliated with the original Torrentz or its owner. It operates independently and works via different proxies.

Website: https://torrentz2eu.org/

RARBG Proxy Sites Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is RARBG proxy Legal?

    Answer: Sadly, RARBG proxy hosts several copyright contents, thus it is not a legal website.

  2. Is RARBG proxy safe?

    Answer: No, as an illegal website, RARBG proxy is far from safe. Thus, we urge users to exert caution if they are to visit the website.

  3. Is RARBG proxy free?

    Answer: Yes, RARBG proxy is not only free to visit, but it also doesn’t charge anything for downloads.

  4. Is RARBG proxy down right now?

    Answer: No, there are multiple RARBG proxies active on the internet.

  5. How to download Movies from RARBG proxy?

    Answer: You will need a BitTorrent Client software to download movies from RARBG. And also a VPN for security. For a detailed answer, do refer to the above section.

  6. Is RARBG proxy safe from viruses?

    Answer: While the website itself doesn’t offer intrusive ads, and what few it does can be taken care of by employing an Adblocker, the torrent files themselves can’t be trusted as their sources are anonymous.

  7. Is it safe to download from a RARBG proxy?

    Answer: No, unless you exercise caution, it is never safe to download content from a torrent index website such as RARBG.


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