Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy policy we have adopted for the website The various terms used in the policy such as, you, your, we, our, and us, refer respectively to our readers and the owner of the website. The policy strictly abides to safeguard the rights of those who visit our website.


By visiting our website, you are granting us permission to record (for a time), log, and use your data, as we see fit, for the duration of your visit. We also promise to not misuse your data and to not collect any PII.

Information We Collect

Having said that, we do collect some personal information as a means to differentiate internet traffic and for our data analytics. It is meant to provide a better degree of service which can be personalized. However, any data or information you are asked to provide, the reason will be made clear at the time of such a request. Barring that, we do not falsely collect and distribute any personal information.

In case you are to contact us directly, we might unintentionally receive additional information such as your name, email, phone number, your message, and or any attachments to said messages.

And finally, we also record data when you use our services such as to comment or create an account with us. In such cases we might collect your name, company name, email and phone number. This data might be logged as it will be needed for authentication.

How Long Do We Retain Your Data and Why

As of how long we retain your data depends on the validity of the data itself. If you leave a comment on the website, such comments and the associated metadata remain indefinitely unless you delete them. After deletion, we do not maintain any such data.

It is done in order to better serve the community as any follow-up comments or conversation won’t have to be queued in moderation if there is an existing comment.

And as for those who actively register an account with our service, we do store some personal data such as their name, phone number, email, and any other information they might provide in the profile. This data is stored for as long the user maintains an account with us. Upon deletion of an account we store this data for a maximum period of 6 months during which the user, if he has changed his mind, can can use the same account credentials to reactivate his account. After these 6 months we delete any and all data regarding a deleted account.

Log Files

We log data and other files as per a standard agreement. Upon any visitation, we log metadata for analytics purposes. We further use these logs to provide better services. However, such logs are temporary and are deleted as soon as you leave the website. We log the following information upon arrival and exit:

  • The IP Address of the visitor
  • Browser type/Device type
  • Their ISP
  • Data of arrival and exit
  • Time stamps
  • Exit pages
  • And in some cases the number of clicks

These logs are recorded independently and are never linked to any PII. The sole purpose behind such logging is studying the current trend, analytics, helping with site administration and tracking user’s movement in particular scenarios.


Cookies are small files that can track user movement on the internet. These are used by websites when someone visits them and sent to the users’ hard drive to collect some information, which can be used for personalized service. Although cookies do not collect sensitive information or any personal data, users are free to block cookies on their browsers.

We do use cookies to store information about different users to track their preferences, interests, and other variable factors which can be used to provide a tailor made web experience. Such experience may include preferred articles, or information suitable to be viewed on a particular browser or device.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

As a consumer, visitors of the website are awarded with some rights to their privacy. These rights ensure the protection of their data and privacy. Such as:

  • The right to access copies of your personal data. Although the website might charge a minute fee for the service, it will provide the user whatever personal data it has stored of him.
  • The right to rectify data in control of the website. Users can request the website owner to rectify any mistakes in the personal data and or complete the information if the user deems it incomplete.
  • The right to demand the deletion of their data. Users can always ask the website to delete any unfavorable PII, under some specific conditions.
  • The right to restrict the processing of private information for the website’s use.
  • The right to object to the processing of private information for the website’s use.
  • The right to demand transferring of data to another organization or self under certain terms and conditions.

Any such requests made due to the user practicing his rights must be granted a buffer of a month for the website to process said request.

Children’s Information

We as a website do not collect or control any private information pertaining to a a child or someone who is under the age of 18. As our responsibility towards making the internet a safe place, we also urge parents and other guardians to observe, participate and monitor their wards and the subsequent internet activities. Furthermore, they are also to be guided and educated regarding how to use the internet safely.

If you are a parent or a guarding who strongly suspects that an underage ward has mistakenly provided some PII on our website, we implore you to contact us, and we assure that immediate steps will be taken to rectify any such situation.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make certain changes to our policy if required. However, we will insure our readers of any such changes if and when they happen.

Any changes to the policy will be effective as soon as they are posted on this page. Hence, we request users to pay heed to our privacy policy page from time to time.

Contact Us

Users are free to contact us at any given time regarding any quarries or doubts about our privacy policy.