MagnetDL Proxy List For May 2023

MagnetDL Proxy

To escape from the costly streaming platform subscriptions, we often resort to the various movie downloading websites. One of the many websites is MagnetDL proxy, which is reliable, efficient and quite popular among movie lovers. It offers a plethora of options of the most popular and recent Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The users can readily watch the movies by downloading them on their devices. This website offers numerous games, TV series, free software and many other such entertainment along with the movies.

There on the website homepage, you can find a search bar that will make navigation much more straightforward and convenient for the users. Moreover, the personal homepage of the MagnetDL torrent website is detailed to use, and users need not worry while moving to other web pages from the site’s homepage.

What is MagnetDL Proxy?

MagnetDL proxy is a copy of the original MagnetDL website. On the proxy site, you can find similar contents that you could find on the MagnetDL website. However, now, you won’t be able to access the original website because it is banned in several parts of the world. Therefore, proxy sites are the only way of accessing and downloading original Hollywood and Bollywood movies from the MagnetDL website. Different proxy sites are available here, and you can select any of them and search for the movie you want.

Working MagnetDL Proxy List For June 2023

There are thousands of MagnetDL sites that work to provide the best content to the users. These websites can provide you with the content you are looking for. Therefore, to download and stream the favourite movie of your choice, visit the proxy sites of MagnetDL and download your suitable content for free.

How Does the MagnetDL Proxy Work?

MagnetDL proxy is a fantastic torrent website that allows users to view the original contents of MagnetDL without any third-party applications like a Virtual Private Network. You can easily access the proxy site and surf anything you want; also available on the MagnetDL original website. The proxy site performs its operations using a global network of nodes and tunnels all your internet activities through those nodes.

While doing so, your internet service provider will not know about your present location. Yet, you can download your favourite movie, tv shows and games from the proxy site. The MagnetDL proxy establishes a secure connection, and you won’t have to worry and think about any privacy breach.

What Happened to MagnetDL?

MagnetDL is a torrent website that violated copyright regulations like all other torrent sites. And thus, due to the copyright infringement act violation, MagnetDL was also banned in different parts of the world and restricted users from accessing the website’s contents. Therefore, users had to use the MagnetDL proxy websites, which provided similar content to the original MagnetDL website. Although you can still access the original MagnetDL website using VPN servers, they are unavailable online.

How To Unblock MagnetDL?

You might stay in a country where the MagnetDL website is banned by the country’s government. However, it does not stop the users from accessing the site’s contents. MagnetDL can still be accessed without much hesitation. There are some MagnetDL unblocked methods that you can use.

Tor Browser

Tor browser is a famous browser that all of us have heard it. Tor is a free browser that can hide your Internet service provider address and prevent your Internet activities from being tracked. This way, you can easily unblock the MagnetDL torrent website and surf the contents. With the Tor browser, you can easily access the site from geo-restricted locations without others knowing.

Virtual Private Network

VPN is the most common trick for MagnetDL unblock without any hassle. You can simply link your device to a location where MagnetDL is not banned and perform your internet activities. The virtual private network will also mask your IP address and prevent the government and the ISPs from knowing your location, while you can securely download the contents for free.

DNS Server

Changing the DNS server is another vital thing to help you unblock the Magnet DL torrent site. In your network settings, you can simply change the DNS of your network and revert your location to other places. On doing so, it will hide your IP address, and you can easily access the MagnetDL for free without any hesitation.

Countries List Where MagnetDL is Blocked

There are several countries where the MagnetDL site is banned. Some of them are:

  • India
  • America
  • Malaysia
  • Portugal
  • China
  • Australia

Alternatives to MagnetDL

MagnetDL is not the only torrent hosting website. There are a few others such as:


Demonoid is an excellent MagnetDL alternative that can provide customers with the latest Bollywood movies and other content. The site features an exciting library where the users can find whatever they are searching for. Also, every piece of content on the Demonoid torrent site is perfectly categorised to ensure that the users find the contents on the site very easily. Therefore, if you are finding a MagnetDL alternative that can suit your requirements, Demonoid is one of the best sites.


Torlock is an excellent option for those who are searching for alternatives to MagnetDL. You can search for your favourite movies, games, software and various other torrents according to your choice. The Torlock website also features a user-friendly interface, making surfing convenient and simpler for customers. So, you can always visit the Torlock site for the content you are looking for. It has a host of features with an easily navigable menu option.


IsoHunt can provide you with the latest and the best collections of movies and Tv series. IsoHunt is one of the big names in the Torrenting industry and has grown to become a competitive alternative to the MagnetDL torrent site. People searching for the best alternatives to MagnetDL can always rely on the contents of IsoHunt for the best content of their choice. Therefore, check out the torrent website for better content.


TorrentHounds is another name in the torrenting industry that is the best alternative to the MagnetDL new link. At the TorrentHounds torrenting website, users can find everything they searched for on the MagnetDL website. The search button on this torrent website makes navigation much simpler and makes things easier for the users to search and download. Therefore, TorrentHounds is another compelling alternative to the MagnetDL website.


TorrentGalaxy is another popular torrent-sharing platform that provides excellent content to users. Customers finding alternatives to MagnetDL after getting banned can always trust the contents of the TorrentGalaxy torrent site for better content. This torrent site can also help you download content easily without any hesitation. You can find everything you choose on the TorrentGalaxy website and make your content journey enjoyable.

MagnetDL Proxy Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is MagnetDL safe?

    Answer: Regarding safety, no torrent website is safe to use. But, MagnetDL is much safer than other torrent websites because it has an excellent customer base and always works to offer customers the best and most secure experience.

  2. Is MagnetDL legal?

    Answer: No, MagnetDL is not a legal website, and thus, it was banned in different parts of the world due to the site not following copyright rules and regulations.

  3. Is the MagnetDL proxy website worth using?

    Answer: Yes, the MagnetDL proxy website is worth using because it can provide the best types of Bollywood and Hollywood movies that you can’t find elsewhere. magnetDL is one of the oldest torrent sites providing the best quality content.

  4. How to access MagnetDL through VPN?

    Answer: The steps for accessing MagnetDL through VPN are elementary.

    * The user has to access a reliable VPN and connect it with the server.
    * Then, they have to go to the MagnetDL website.
    * They have to search for the preferred movie on the search bar.
    * Choose one among the available options which appeals to the user.
    * Click on the movie to begin the downloading process.

  5. What is the best MagnetDL proxy?

    Answer: There are many proxy links available for MagnetDL. Therefore, finding the best one can be difficult. You can open them and see which one is working correctly. The proxy offers the original contents of MagnetDL and provides a similar user experience; you can consider that proxy the best one.

  6. Is MagnetDL down or blocked?

    Answer: Yes, the MagnetDL site is down and blocked due to the site being banned in multiple regions of the world.

  7. What is the main MagnetDL website URL?

    Answer: The main website of MagnetDL is

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