LimeTorrents (June 2023) Download the Latest Movies & Shows


When it comes to a torrent directory website, Lime Torrents is one of the best sites, which is known for its vast database and customers across the world. The site does not have any hosting of its own. Instead, the file you are searching for is available on other torrent protocols. Whether it is your games, eBook, software or any other application, LimeTorrent always provides all kinds of content according to the customer’s requirements. Since limetorrents is blocked in multiple regions, there are the proxy websites of lime torrents and the mirror links that helps customer avail of original lime torrent content.

What is Limetorrents?

If you are looking for a dedicated torrent directory with a separate section of verified torrent links, Lime Torrent is the best place to suit your demands. The download procedure for games, movies, eBooks, software, applications and other things on Lime torrent is straightforward and effortless. However, due to multiple downfalls faced in the past, Lime Torrent has been banned in various countries by internet service providers. However, if you cannot access the original website of Lime Torrents, you can definitely access its contents by using the Lime torrent proxy sites. While there are several other methods like VPN, server change, Tor browser and others through which you can access the Lime Torrent Contents.

How LimeTorrents Works?

Lime Torrent is a popular torrent site in the torrenting industry. When you search for any content on the lime torrent website, they actually redirect you to any other torrent website where the link for download is present. Although it has a vast content directory, there are no magnet links on its site. However, if the original website of Lime Torrent is not open, you can access the proxy links. The proxy links establish a connection between you and the torrent server. Once the connection is established, your ISP will be unaware of your location, and you can easily download content from the Lime Torrent website. Lime torrents basically work by the peer-to-peer file sharing model.

Best Features of Lime Torrents

There are several features of the lime torrent website. These features are listed below.

  • Lime torrents have an immense number of customers on its website.
  • It has a massive range of content directories on the site.
  • Lime torrent is effective for downloading various types of content.
  • Limetorrents proxy is open to all customers.
  • The content downloading speed of lime torrent is enormous.
  • There are multiple seeders on the lime torrent website.
  • Lime torrent allows peer-to-peer file sharing and sharing of magnet links.
  • It is a reliable torrent search engine.

How to Use Lime Torrents?

Using the Lime torrent website is very easy and user-friendly. You just need to follow the simple steps to help you use the Lime torrent website.

  • Connect your device to a fast VPN network.
  • Open the Lime torrent torrenting site.
  • Also, open the BitTorrent protocol on your web browser.
  • Find the file that you want to download.
  • Copy the file URL from the search options that are available on Lime Torrent.
  • Open the BitTorrent website and paste the URL.
  • Click on the download option on BitTorrent to download the file on your device.

What is Lime Torrents Proxy?

Lime torrent proxy is the mirror site that has been relatively copied from the original lime torrent site and diverts the user to download lime torrent contents. If you cannot access the lime torrent original website, you should be able to access the Lime torrent proxy. With the proxy site, your location is changed, and your country’s service provider or government will be unaware of your browsing location. And you can easily download Lime torrent content from the proxy site without any hesitation.

LimeTorrents Proxy List For June 2023

The proxy of lime torrents is essential to provide customers with the original lime torrent content. These proxy sites are well by the original lime torrent site and can provide you with the best torrent files. Therefore, if you cannot access the LimeTorrent website yet are willing to download your favourite content from there, the LimeTorrent proxies are always there to satisfy your demands.

Note: This article is only meant for information purposes. Anyone practicing or engaging in piracy could be held liable in a court of law. And while torrenting is legal for open source content, those protected under the copyright act must not be distributed via anyone.

How to Download Movies or TV Shows on LimeTorrent?

The steps for downloading movies from LimeTorrent are as follows:

  • Open the BitTorrent protocol on your device using your web browser.
  • Visit the LimeTorrent official site and look for the movie or the TV show you want to download.
  • Right-click on the URL to copy the torrent file from the LimeTorrent website.
  • Open the BitTorrent website and paste the URL on the search option.
  • Click on OK to begin downloading your movie and wait for the TV show or the movie to get downloaded on your device.

How to Download Animes on Lime Torrent?

Downloading anime on LimeTorrent is very effortless. Open the limetorrent site and the BitTorrent protocol using your device’s web browser. Follow the steps mentioned to get the anime on your device.

  • Search for the anime you wish to download on the lime torrent website.
  • Copy the link for the anime download which you feel is the best for you.
  • Come back to the BitTorrent website and paste the link.
  • Click on OK to begin the download of your anime.
  • Keep patience, and you will surely have the anime downloaded on your device.

How to Download Apps on LimeTorrent?

Follow the steps to download your favourite application from the LimeTorrent app.

  • Open the BitTorrent website along with the LimeTorrent website using your website browser.
  • On the lime torrent site, you will find a search box. Search for the application in the search box.
  • You will be provided with multiple app download URLs. Copy the URL you feel might not contain viruses.
  • Paste the URL on the BitTorrent site search box and wait for the result to come.
  • Click on OK to begin the application download.
  • Wait for some time to have the downloaded file on your device.

Best Limetorrent Alternative Sites

Although, LimeTorrent satisfies the demands of the customers by providing a host of contents to the customers. However, due to the website getting banned, it has become challenging for the customers to download contents from Lime torrents. Therefore, to make their task simpler, we have listed the best alternatives to site like Lime Torrents that can help you to get contents easily.


With its establishment in 2008, RARBG is one of the oldest torrenting websites in the history of the torrent industry. Apart from providing torrent files to the customers, RARBG also has magnet links and peer-to-peer file-sharing options for the customers. Also, the RARBG torrent website has a host of content, well categorised into different sections, which makes it simpler and effortless for the users to navigate to the content they are looking for. Therefore, if you are wondering which can be the best alternative to sites like Lime Torrents, then RARBG is first on the list.


Another hit torrent website in the list of alternatives is the 1337x torrent website. With a massive directory of torrent files and magnet links, 1337x is another compelling website in the list of best alternatives to website like LimeTorrent. The versatility of the website is something that attracts customers from different parts of the world. From TV shows, movies, games, videos, software and applications, most content on 1337x torrent websites is legal and verified. Therefore, if you are finding a compelling interface application where you can easily find most of the content, 1337x is the best choice.


Although the site does not boast all types of content, if you are looking for a quality alternative to websites like LimeTorrent, where you can find movies of your choice, YTS is the best. Not only are the files available in high quality but there are vast quantities of movies and the latest ones found on this torrenting site. You can find 3D quality content, and YTS is known for providing updated content. Therefore, the site is mainly developed for movie lovers, and you can easily download movies from YTS.

Kickass Torrent

Although, the site was banned in 2016, Kickass torrent provides a wide range of contents to the customers and contains a vast directory of torrent files. The site has a user friendly interface and a easy to use torrent search engine where you can easily search for the torrent you want to download on your device. Moreover, Kickass torrent has many customers from different parts of the globe. Thus, it is one of the best alternative to LimeTorrents where you can find any content of your choice.


RuTracker is another popular torrenting site in the torrent industry. With its establishment in Russia, the site has grown to become the largest torrenting platform in Russia. The impressive catalogue of torrents available here and more than 15 million members on its database make the site the best for downloading torrent files. You can find all categories of content on this torrent site. But, to access those torrents, you need to register your free account on the site, which the users must perform. Overall, it is one of the best alternatives to website like LimeTorrents.


As the name suggests, EZTV is ineffective regarding versatility since the site does not have a wide range of content. Apart from the best choice of TV shows found on the website, there is not much about the EZTV torrent site. Moreover, it has a clunky interface, which makes navigation harder for the users. Additionally, there are pop-up ads always coming to the screen while browsing. So, if you are a TV show and series lover and looking for updated content, EZTV is a LimeTorrent-similar site where you can find the latest and updated TV shows for free.

IP Torrents

Although not very famous in the torrenting industry, IP Torrent is a private torrenting site with millions of visitors every year. Therefore, one major drawback of the site is users need to create an account through paid registration on the IP torrent website. The torrent site is one of the largest and most reputed private torrenting sites existing in this industry. It is safer than several other public torrents because no viruses and advertisements exist. Therefore, it features in the list of best LimeTorrent alternatives.


If you are an anime lover and looking for the best alternative to LimeTorrents, the Nyaa torrent site can suit your demands. Apart from anime shows, you can find various other content like music, videos, games, movies, apps and many more. With the site is little known to the users, the number of seeders is also low. But, surprisingly, the downloading speed of the content on Nyaa is very high. Moreover, it features an interactive and intuitive interface, making things simpler for the customers. It is an excellent LimeTorrent alternative, primarily for anime lovers.


Torrentz2, unlike other torrent websites, is not very popular. Although the website attracts ample traffic every month, the site mainly faces downtime. Also, the interface of Torrentz2 is not very user-friendly, making it challenging for customers to navigate through the site. Apart from the interface, there are intrusive ads which interrupt the browsing of the users on Torrentz2. One best feature of this website is the presence of a good collection of music, which makes it a good Lime Torrent alternative.


The TorrentDownloads are another quality LimeTorrent alternatives when the LimeTorrent website is not running correctly. The site is blocked in several regions but features much Asian content from different content categories. So, if you are searching for some good quality Asian content with a proper downloading speed, TorrentDownloads can serve your purposes. You can also find obscure books, and media files, from Asian countries. Thus, you can visit the TorrentDownloads torrenting website for some unique and obscure content.


Demonoid is a torrent website in the torrenting industry with an old-school interface. Although the site is not the best in the list of best free alternatives to Lime Torrents but works well in terms of functionality. Moreover, the library of contents found on Demonoid is vast and extraordinary. Search filter options are also available on this torrenting website, making navigation easier for the punters. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface for customers for more straightforward browsing.


This is a torrenting website that features two different sites. One website is for streaming, while the other one is for torrenting. You can watch movies on the streaming site for free but below the quality of 720P. However, if you want to download content, you will require a VIP membership on this torrenting website. WatchSoMuch torrent is well organised with an interactive interface, making it more straightforward for the customers to navigate through the different aspects of the website. Therefore, if you find an alternative to LimeTorrents, this torrent website can suit your requirements.


Being one of the largest torrent sites in the torrenting industry, ExtraTorrents is a reputed name in the torrent segment. You can find every type of content on the ExtraTorrent torrenting website. It is a compelling and better alternative to LimeTorrents, which also has a user-friendly interface where both beginners and professionals can find the contents of their choice. So, if you are searching for an alternative with quality content, ExtraTorrent can serve your purposes. Surprisingly, ExtraTorrent has a huge community across the world.


With an extensive library of contents, isoHunt has a minimalistic interface, making it easier for customers to find torrents. It is one of the best free alternatives to LimeTorrents, where you can find many users. The number of seeders on this torrent site is higher, and the downloading speed of the content is also decent. You can find various content on isoHunt, and all the content on this site is regularly updated. Thus, if you find an alternative to Lime Torrent, isoHunt can serve your purposes.


Magnetdl is a compelling torrent search engine with a clean and minimalistic interface, making it suitable for customers on the torrent site. It is one of the Limetorrent alternatives where you can find any type of content without much hassle. So, if you are looking for a quality alternative to LimeTorrent, if others are not working, then you can access the MagnetDL torrenting website. The easy-to-use interface of this torrent site makes it simpler for the customers to browse through the different aspects of the website.


Zooqle is another old website in the torrenting industry and has been serving its customers over the years. This torrent site provides an interactive interface for customers and contains a wide range of updated video torrents. Moreover, for music lovers looking for a LimeTorrent alternative, Zooqle is the best platform where you can find torrents of your choice. Therefore, with all the features of this torrent site, we have listed them in the best LimeTorrent alternatives.

What Happened to Lime Torrents?

The governments of different countries currently ban Lime Torrent. Since all content on Lime Torrent is not copyright protected, some countries have banned the site. Customers can use those that are protected by copyright rules. But you can still unblock the original contents of the Lime Torrents website, and they can be quickly unblocked by using a VPN network. Or you can also use the unblocked lime torrents to download from the original lime torrent website. Therefore, even if the site is banned in some countries, accessing content on Lime Torrent is not very difficult. But, the site has been taken down due to copyright issues.

Why Official Lime Torrent is not Working or Banned?

The official Lime torrent site is not working because the torrent site has been banned in different countries. Due to the site not offering copyright content, it has been banned in different countries due to copyright infringement problems. Therefore, since the ISP of your country has banned the Lime torrent website, you cannot access the original contents of the Lime torrent torrenting site.

How to Unblock or Access Lime Torrent?

There are different methods of unblocking the Lime Torrent website. Some of them are listed below.


VPN is one of the best and most effective ways to limetorrents unblocked content. With VPN, you can easily access the torrent site without any hesitation. The VPN will help you to establish a connection between the website and the server. The Virtual private network lets you easily download content from the Lime torrent torrenting website. The VPN will also let you change the present location and set it to another location to allow access to lime torrents.

Mirror or Proxy

The Mirror and the proxy sites are another way of accessing the Lime Torrent website. The proxy sites will establish a proper connection, bypassing your current network location, and you can easily download content from the lime torrent site. With the Mirror and the proxy sites, your Internet service provider will also not know about your location, and you can easily browse content on Lime Torrents.

Tor Browser

Tor browser is another effective way of accessing the Lime torrent website. Tor browser will also help you to block your current ISP while allowing you to access the torrent site without much hassle. With the Tor browser, you can easily download content from the Lime Torrent website without much hassle.


You can change the DNS server of your location to another location so you can access the Lime Torrent website. You can change the DNS location to a place where the site is open. With the changing of the DNS server, downloading torrent files for customers from Lime torrents has become much more straightforward and effortless.

How Do Lime Torrents Proxy Work?

The LimeTorrent proxies are the easiest methods of unblocking the original LimeTorrent content on the website. It acts as a channel between you and the site you want to access for downloading torrent files. Therefore, whenever you open the proxy file, they change your current location to another location where the LimeTorrent site is unbanned. You can download from the proxy site by opening any torrent protocol on your device. But to ensure that you have maximum safety, you should connect your device to a VPN. Because the proxy sites do not protect third-party websites which might harm your device.

Why You Should Use LimeTorrent Proxy?

Since governments around the world have imposed a ban on torrenting websites, LimeTorrent is nothing different. The customers will need the LimeTorrent proxy file as long as the demand for LimeTorrent contents is on. Since the torrent site offers a host of user-friendly content of different categories, the craze for the website has not run down despite the original site being banned. Therefore, to provide the same entertainment to the customers with updated torrent files, the LimeTorrent proxy has been established. Therefore, if you are willing to download your favourite movie, game, application or any other software, LimeTorrent proxy is always there to serve your demands.

LimeTorrents Proxy Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. How do I block Lime Torrent pop ups?

    Ans. You can use an ad blocker on your device to block the advertisements while surfing torrent files on the Lime Torrent website. The ad blocker will help you to block very intrusive advertisements.

  2. Is downloading safe on Lime Torrent?

    Ans. The Lime Torrent website is safe for downloading various torrent files available there. Since the site has a reputation in this industry, it is comparatively safer than other websites for downloading content.

  3. Are Lime Torrents blocked?

    Ans. Yes, due to the violation of copyright rules, LimeTorrent has been blocked by internet service providers and the governments of some countries.

  4. How can a VPN help in unlocking Lime Torrents?

    Ans. Once you connect your device to a trusted VPN network, it establishes a connection between you and the original torrent site. Therefore, your ISP will be unaware of your location, and you can easily browse for content on Lime Torrent. This way, a VPN can help you unlock Lime Torrent content.

  5. Is LimeTorrent illegal?

    Ans. LimeTorrent, like all other torrent websites, is illegal due to copyright infringement. But you can access its original contents using a VPN or proxy site.

  6. What happened to Lime Torrents?

    Ans. Once the site was caught under the copyright infringement act, LimeTorrent was banned in different countries by the governments and the internet service providers of the respective countries.

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