IsoHunt Proxy List For May 2023

IsoHunt Proxy

What is IsoHunt?

IsoHunt is a bittorrent which comes in the list of world’s popular bittorrent search engine and is mainly used to upload, view, download and search for the torrent files. Due to some legal issues, the IsoHunt like other torrent websites, no longer exists but we can use IsoHunt Proxy to access the content which were available on IsoHunt.

What is IsoHunt Proxy?

Proxy gives a private gate to the user to access the content in a legalized and more secure way through the internet. IsoHunt Proxy is one of the proxy through which the user can access the content of the IsoHunt bittorrent.

How Does it Work?

While using the IsoHunt Proxy, the user can make sure that their identity is hidden and it gets difficult to track them. The reason being their IP address of the system changes to some country wherever these types of proxy are legal to use. By using the IsoHunt Proxy, the user can opt to view, upload, download as many as torrent files as they wish for.

Why Do You Need IsoHunt2 Proxy Sites?

Proxy sites are nothing but the duplicate websites which are more legalized and secure than the original one. The need of using the IsoHunt2 Proxy arises due to the massive use of torrent files by the users in the countries where these torrent files are banned or blocked. So, to access the contents of such torrent files, they require some clone sites which is the IsoHunt2 Proxy.

Why is IsoHunt Blocked from Public Access?

Due to violating the laws of copyright, the IsoHunt torrent site was blocked by Motion Pictures Association America (MPAA) in the year 2013 in number of countries around the world. It took 10 years for it to be on number five in the world for most popular torrent website after establishment in 2003 by Gary Fung who used the Bittorrent Protocol.

How to Unblock IsoHunt?

Due to blocking of the IsoHunt in several countries, some user are not able to access the torrent files such as movies, computer games, songs, application software and many more. The solution is to use the proxy sites to view the torrent files. Proxy sites will hide the IP address of the user’s system and will make it more legalized and safer for them to be untracked and use it worry less. IsoHunt Proxy will use the IP address of the countries in which such sites are legal and free to use. Some of the IsoHunt Proxy sites are listed below which will unblock the IsoHunt sites:

The user can use the VPN as well to unblock these torrent sites. Firstly, install the VPN in your system and then search for IsoHunt and then it becomes easy to view the content contained in the torrent files.

There’s one more method to unblock the torrent browser which is to use the Tor Browser which is basically the mirror sites. The mirror sites are nothing, but they are duplicate sites and look exactly the same as the original torrent websites. All the contents which were the reason for copyright breaching are contained in these mirror sites. It’s more easy to use, all you have to do is just click on mirror sites and search for the content you desire to view.

IsoHunt Proxy List

There are several websites available on the internet which acts as mirror or IsoHunt alternative. But one should not trust these websites easily as some of them are fake and are only created for clickbaiting. You can find the list of valid and trustable proxy sites below:

These sites are weekly updated so that the user can enjoy using their torrent materials worry less.

Best IsoHunt Alternatives

It is easy to fall in bait for new users when they don’t have much idea about the actual proxy sites as they look so original, and the users can click on the fake one. Well, there are various ways to acknowledge and avoid using the fake proxy websites. In there’s even slight change in the name just before the extension, then it’s a fake website such as,, looking closely, IsoHunt has extra ‘s’ in it which makes it a fake website.

But not to worry, we have listed some of the legal IsoHunt Alternatives which you can use to open the torrent files easily without getting blocked.


In case if you are looking for the interface which is user-friendly, private and secure then MagnetDL is the best torrent site to use. As the name suggests, it contains the magnet links for all the torrent sites.


If you wish to enjoy the movies, songs, games or even read pdfs, books or anything in torrent but unable due to torrent sites blocked in your country, then Zooqle comes handy. It is convenient to use and has been a hit since its release in the Dhar market.


If you’re a bookworm then Libgen is the best IsoHunt Alternative for you as you can read millions of the books, pdf, e-books in many languages which are not available in your country due to copyright infringement.


It is one of the best website which is similar to IsoHunt and asks you to hide your IP Address before the user browse or search for anything on the website. You can also find it by the name TGX and it’s easy to use for anyone who’s new to the proxy world.


When it comes to free and popular proxy websites, then H33t tops the list. You can access all the movies, sensational music, books, games, application software, pdfs and many more by using the H33t proxy.

IsoHunt Proxy Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is IsoHunt safe to use?

    Ans. The IsoHunt was banned long before in 2013 due to breaching of copyright acts so if you see IsoHunt normally with the extension ‘com’ they it’s for sure click bait, so it’s better to use the proxy sites to be more safe.

  2. Is IsoHunt Legal?

    Ans. In several countries, it has been banned but still can be used by changing the IP address to the countries in which the torrent website is legal to use. This will keep the user safe and untraceable. The user can then access their torrent files without any fear in their mind of getting blocked.

  3. What does IsoHunt do?

    Ans. When the IsoHunt website was released by Gary Fung in 2003 it was popular and a massive hit among the torrent user. It was a search engine like the bittorrent where all the torrent files can be viewed or downloaded from.

  4. How to unblock IsoHunt contents?

    Ans. The user can also use the VPN also in place of the proxy which is user – friendly and private in nature. VPN or Virtual Private Network needs to be installed first, then browse any torrent website similar to IsoHunt and without getting blocked, one can access all the torrent files. VPN helps in hiding the user’s original IP Address and give it the IP Address of particular country to use where the sites are not blocked. The user can use the VPN service without any fear of getting blocked or tracked.

    But it is important to keep in mind that not all the VPN are same to use as many services claims to be. There are some of the valid and safe to use VPN services listed below:

    * Cyber ghost VPN
    * Nord VPN
    * Psiphon3.exe
    * Windscribe
    * Expressvpn
    * TunnelBear

  5. What to do if you cannot access the IsoHunt?

    Ans. If the IsoHunt is inaccessible to you then you must go for the proxy sites as they act as the mirror sites and almost looks original and contains all the torrent data. There are many proxy sites and VPN services listed above and they will be upgrade on weekly basis so that our user remains up-to-date.

  6. How to download from IsoHunt?

    Ans. Before downloading anything from the IsoHunt website, first you need to install it in your computer system, and then search for the torrent file you want to have access for. After that double click on the list and there you go, you can view it or download it.

  7. How to use IsoHunt?

    Ans. To use IsoHunt site if it’s blocked in your country then it’s advisable to use the proxy sites which is more safe and free to use. Moreover, you can even turn on the VPN services which will give you a substitute IP address of the country to use in which there is no ban on these torrent sites.

  8. What happened to the IsoHunt website?

    Ans. In 2013, Motion Pictures Association America (MPAA) registered the case against IsoHunt website due to breaching the law of copyright. The website was popular though but still it faced the ban by several countries. Now the IsoHunt site is unreachable and illegal to use in most of the countries around the world. So, it is better to use the legal and authentic proxy sites or turn on the VPN to be on the safer side.

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