About Us

Onlinedrizzle started s a premier technology website that strives to offers the latest news and information regarding the industry. The website aims to work in the favor of readers and IT professionals by sharing useful tips, tricks, and know-hows. As a tech website it is our joy and a matter of pride that we remain faithful to the subject and offer unbiased opinions and reviews. However, we do not claim ourselves expert and are very open to the possibilities of errors and mistakes. But we assure our readers that we won’t be party to underhanded practices.

Our Vision

At its inception, the founders of the website had a distinct vision as to what an objective tech blog should look like, and we have since tried our best to judge ourselves with the exact standards. Onlinedrizzle has a vision for change. We want to be different from the standard website in how we accumulate and dissipate information. We also want our readers to play an active role on the website. For this we have already included features like the comments section that allows users to express free opinions without shaded scrutiny. We also have a rigid privacy policy in place so not to exploit user data and a standard policy on user’s comments which allows for fairness. Moving forward we will also add more features to make reader’s involvement more apparent.

Our Ideals

We at Onlinedrizzle.com follow a set of ideals throughout the operation. While we do not claim to be experts at any subject, we do promise to only provide information that we have found to be factual and or correct. However, we are open to criticism and welcome inquiries regarding our sources. If any errors are found, we are also amicable to set the record straight. The website follows a policy of fairness and offers an avenue where users can contact us directly in case of queries. Lastly, we do not promote any illegal activities. For more information regarding our legal mandate kindly refer to our disclaimer and terms and conditions. Or interested parties can directly email us and raise their doubts.

Our Goals

Finally, we have a set of goals as our objective which includes being not only factual about the information dissipated at our website but also fair in dealing with complaints. Having said that, we at Onlinedrizzle.com strive towards a betterment in how information about the latest tech can be widespread for general and professional use. And although we are only starting, we do want to end us as a standard in tech blogs that not only provides fast information but also strives towards an error free existence.