9xmovies Proxy Sites List For June 2023

9xmovies Proxy

We are living in a world of technological marvel. As such we are advancing daily. More and more avenues of entertainment are open to us right now than they were ten or twenty years ago. As a result of which our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. We want faster and better mediums for content consumption. And as the number of available content such as TV shows, movies or web series increases, so does the associated platform. 9xMovies is one such platform that offers not only regional content in languages such as Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, etc., but it also brings us internation content away from the famous Hollywood.

But the alarming fact about 9xMovies is it being a piracy website, despite claiming not to be. And as a pirated content hosting and sharing platform, it has it’s fair share of trouble, which ultimately resulted in 9xMovies proxy. What is this proxy and what should we know about it is all covered in this article.

What is 9xMovies Proxy?

Coming to the topic of proxies, they are links or websites that do not allow the users to connect to the original website directly. A proxy acts as a screen that is hosted on a different server in place of the original website. It is done to stop the authorities from blocking access to the original IP. Sometimes these proxies are also mirrors or clones of the original website and operate independently. That’s why there are times when two proxies of the same IP are completely different.

Talking about 9xMovies proxy, it is a website that hosts pirated and copyrighted TV shows, movies and web series. It hosts content in multiple languages, both regional and international and also offers multiple choices in terms of video quality. However, it is an illegal website as it doesn’t have a license to host such TV Shows or movies.

But the fact it is illegal won’t stop users from accessing the website. Thus, to safeguard both users and the admin, these websites opt for proxies. In this scenario even if the proxy website is surveilled or shut down, the website will not incur any direct loss. Some proxy websites go as far as to claim themselves legal by hosting the questionable content on external servers.

9xMovies Proxy List For June 2023

As we have already said, 9xMovies proxies are a boon to the original IP and somewhat crucial for its ongoing survival. Thus, it is impertinent to know as many of these websites if you want to browse 9xMovies. However, the authorities can also learn about these links and try to actively ban them.

Note: The following article is only a subjected representation of the author’s, meant solely for educational and informational purposes. Neither we onlinedrizzle.com nor the author condones any act of piracy. We won’t be held liable for any actions taken away from the website.

How Does 9xMovies Proxy Work?

The proxy website works by diverting incoming traffic to a standby website instead of the original. Or the proxy might be a simple mirror or clone of the original website. Doing so safeguards the visitors of the website and also keeps the admin secure. The proxy acts as a remote server and hides contacts the website on behalf of the user. It is done to trick the surveilling authorities.

9xMovies operate similarly. Although there are multiple proxies out there, some are simply clones of the original while a few are trying to divert attention from the main website. Some proxies go as far as to host their content on external third party serves to not be associated with any ill dealings. Hence, these proxies are the reason 9xMovies is still going strong. We don’t even know whether anyone of them are the original website.

But worry not, the following is a list that we have prepared for our users who really want to access 9xMovies. The list includes all the current working proxies of 9xMovies. And even if a link suddenly dies, we will take care of it and replace it periodically. Similarly, we will keep on adding newer links to this list as they come online.

How to Download Movies from 9xMovies Proxy?

The whole process of downloading movies from 9xMovies is pretty simple, as long you follow our instructions. But first we have to warn that such proxies are not only dangerous but also filled with ads. Hence, keep a suitable VPN and Adblocker handy before attempting to download a file.

The required steps are as follows:

  • First, go to the 9xMovies proxy of your choosing.
  • But before that, make sure your Adblocker and VPN are working properly.
  • Chrome users can install a powerful ad blocker extension and subscribe to a VPN. Then connect to a VPN and make sure of the connection before visiting the website.
  • After you are on the website, click on a movie title or TV show you want to download.
  • Then scroll down till you find links associated with downloading.
  • Click the link, and you will be redirected to a third party website.
  • Here wait for the ad or the countdown and click on the link to start the download.

How to Use 9xMovies Proxy if it is Restricted?

Till now, we have assumed the proxy is working, but what to do if you suddenly find yourself unable to access the 9xMovies proxy? Well worry not as we have mentioned some troubleshooting methods to rectify this issue. Chances are one of these methods might work towards unlocking the website.

Install a VPN

The very first and obvious method anyone would suggest when trying to bypass a ban is using a VPN. Normally an internet ban is of two types IP ban where the ISP stops the user from accessing a particular IP address or the regional ban where the website stops IP address from a foreign region to access content. Now in 99% cases both the ban can be countered using a VPN.

A VPN is a virtual network that allows uses to connect to the internet remotely using a different server. Hence, when you use the VPN you do not directly connect to a website. Rather you connect to a VPN server which in turn communicates with the website. And since the IP and region of the server is surely different from your original device, it can get around the ban.

And since any communication done via a VPN is protected under powerful encryption the ISP won’t be able to figure out what websites you are trying to access. Since it can’t figure out your target, it won’t be able to stop or restrict your access.

Go for a Different Proxy Website

The next solution is much simpler. All you have to do is go to a different 9xMovies proxy. As we already mentioned there are many active proxies of the website active on the internet. It doesn’t matte much which one you use as long you can access the website. So try going to a different proxy website and it might just work.

Change to a Public DNS

Then we also have the option of changing the DNS server settings to a public one. Most DNS servers are private and owned by ISP. A DNS is a directory that helps computer translate web addresses into machine language aka IP address. Hence, if the ISP blocks the DNS from translating the information or simply deletes or blacklists some websites from the DNS server, the web browser won’t be able to figure out the IP address of the proxy. And without an IP address you won’t be able to visit the website. The simple solution to this conundrum is using public DNS servers. Since they are public and open source no one entity has control over it. Thus, these DNS servers will easily translate the web addresses into IP.

9xMovies Proxy Sites Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Is 9xMovies proxy Legal?

    Answer: No, as a website that hosts illegal and unlicensed copyright materials, 9xMovies proxy is not a legal entity.

  2. Is 9xMovies proxy safe?

    Answer: Since it is an illegal website, using its services will be equally unsafe for anyone.

  3. Is 9xMovies proxy free?

    Answer: Yes, like most proxy websites, using 9xMovies is totally free as they can’t charge for illegally obtained content.

  4. Is 9xMovies proxy down right now?

    Answer: No, there are many active 9xMovies proxies available on the internet.

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