123Movies Proxy Sites List For June 2023

123Movies Proxy

123movies is one of the most premium and finest torrent platforms that provides a clean and user-friendly dashboard with seamless integration and HD-quality movie content for downloading files. The site excels in showing some quality Bollywood and Hollywood movies which are in dubbed version and is available for the customers.

However, since the site got banned recently due to copyright issues, 123movie proxy has been launched to serve the same features to customers. The proxy site contains similar movies and TV shows available on the original torrent site. Therefore, customers can access the 123movie proxy for better content and movie downloads.

123movies Proxy Site List For June 2023

If you are finding some latest collection of movies, 123 movies proxy is another quality website. There are some improved and best working proxies of 123movies that you can use for downloading the contents of your choice. These proxies are in the best working conditions and you can simply download contents from there. Thus, the proxies of 123movies which are available for the users are as follows.

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How Does 123movies Proxy Work?

The 123movies unblocked site is an intermediate website that connects the customer and the original 123movies website. The proxy site enables the users to unblock the torrent site’s original contents and hides the user’s original IP address. Customers can simply enjoy streaming movies and show on the 123movies sites that work and download movies from there. Therefore, the proxy site of 123movies is the best place for downloading movies and TV shows of your choice.

What Happened to 123movies?

123movies is an excellent torrent platform that launched its site to provide exciting content to users. However, this site was banned back in 2018 due to the copyright strike issues on the contents that it served to the customers. The 123movie website was one of the most significant and popular online movie-providing websites that had millions of users and customers from different parts of the world. However, since the website got banned, there has been the rise of some small mirror and proxy websites for 123movies which also provides similar content. Therefore, you can simply use the 123movies unblocked websites accordingly and download the content which you like.

Why 123movies is Blocked in Most of the Countries?

123movies torrenting website is banned in several countries because the site had some copyright issues on its movie and website content. Since the website violated the copyright infringement actions, 123movies was banned in different parts of the world by the government and also the country’s internet service providers. Therefore, people from those countries cannot use and check the contents of 123 movies.

How to Get Unblocked 123 movies?

There are different unblocking methods that you can choose from for better download. Some of them are pretty effective in unblocking the 123movies unblock, while others are also quite effective. The best methods for unblocking the 123movies proxy are as follows.

VPN (The Best Way)

Virtual Private Network method is the best method to unlock the banned 123movies proxy site. You can simply connect your mobile or computer device to a VPN network that works properly. The virtual private network on your device can hide your IP address of your location and allow you to connect to the 123movies server for a better connection. This is the best method available for unblocking the original contents of 123movies new link.

DNS Server

Changing the DNS of your server is another effective method of unblocking the original contents of 123movies. With the DNS server change, you can simply unlock the blocked contents of the 123movies website.

Proxy Sites

Lastly, the proxy sites are another way of unlocking the 123movies original contents. The proxy sites hide your IP address and thereby unlock the contents of the original website. There are many unblocked 123movies proxy websites that can help you unlock the original contents of the website.

Countries List Where 123movies is Blocked

Some countries where movie torrent site is banned are:

  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • China
  • Australia
  • India

123movies Proxy Sites Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. How to access 123movies through VPN?

    Answer: Accessing the 123movies torrent website through VPN is straightforward. The steps for accessing the original contents using VPN are as follows:

    * Connect to a VPN which is safe and secure.
    * Open the 123movies torrenting website or the proxy site.
    * On the search option of the 123movies website, search for the movie you wish to download.
    * Select the one that suits your choice from the list of provided movies.
    * Click on download to get the movie file on your device.

  2. Is 123movies proxy safe?

    Answer: No, any proxy site is unsafe; therefore, 123movies is also not a safe place for downloading torrents of your choice. Therefore, you should use 123movies for downloading content at your own risk.

  3. What is the best 123movies proxy?

    Answer: The best proxy link for 123movies is 123movies.sc.

  4. Is the 123movies website worth it?

    Answer: Yes, the 123movies website is worth it as it contains a host of dubbed and subbed Bollywood and Hollywood movies you can enjoy watching or downloading. Therefore, downloading 123movies is indeed worth it.

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